We all need signals that work. That’s an absolute must and a professional stone that must be successfully passed. I’ve brought my entire studio, all of my tools, -and- myself to you.

It took a while to get everything set up. It took a little while to get ’round some serious troubles. Mortality and the freedom of the shoe and the froth of brew.

Amazing how thrilling, frightening, a little ‘life’ can be. At the crest of this roller-coaster, I am proud to finally be able to offer SmokeApes. Dot Com.

The goal here is to channel visions to the right people (You) as well as some commerce to help move these visions forward (Cool Swag) and legitimize the toil of design (You looking Cool).

This is no amateur move. It’s a conscious and careful tool-set and a window on the big smoke.

This, also, should be simulcast to the SmokeApes Facebook and thus, is a milestone marker.