I think strong ladies are great, no matter how we’re gonna define strength. So any chance to get a great look at She-Hulk saving the day is a chance I’ll take.

Particularly with such wonderful physical counterparts to use as study, wot with the Olympics a’goin on, and Gold Simone being a tiny goddess and all that. I thought it’d be cool to set a scene that perhaps only a super-smart girl with a secret super-tough exterior could solve safely.

And gracefully! And stylishly! As we should -all- strive to emulate in our own day-saving regular lives.

Been working on nailing a really complex series of positions looking for the part of the short story that tells ‘the tale’ without linear flow. I figured it’d be easier to just visualize that flow, see what I’m missing and what I want to see.


Once the holes are found, -that’s- the target vision. I’m thrilled to share my fun searching lines and study work thus far and also test over-sized images as blog headers.  Thanks for having a peek, your participation is noble and true.