First things first: Go get yourself a copy of New World Sparrow, an EP by Melody Monroe

Glad to be back, and out of the darkness of non-disclosure. A safe distance from coat-tails where purity persists. SmokeApes is proud to be involved in creating assets for Melody Monroe, who’s been featured here in the past.

Late last year an idea was set forth on the floor of her studio (‘If I were to make an album cover for you, I’d want to make one like this’, Ike said), and it looked like this: worldsparrow03


Deep in the midst of working on something linear, our organization was set to work on turning the above idea into something really great. A month n’ a half of research n’ design followed. Everything from the number of feathers on a birds’ wing to the number of trips each planet takes round the sun in relation to other planets, and how elliptical their orbits.

All laid out in black and white the project became rather splendid:


But we didn’t stop there. No, No. We also created a super-hip CD label design, complete with some self-serving brand recognition, nice and discreet:


There’s more to come. Seriously, all this is just the wrapper. I like a good wrapper, any good monkey does. The sweets are the music. I reiterate that you should pick up a copy. Digital or, if you’re really hip, get your hands on a physical copy at one of her shows in the Mile High area or when you see her at the Electric Forest (June 23rd/24th) because you’re so outrageously cool that you’re totally going to be there anyway.

You can also follow her on Facebook, if you haven’t already. That’s what I did!