Ever get the feeling there’s something brand new living inside you, and one’a these days it’ll come out and change your life?

I get that feeling -all- the time.

Take a look at the little doodle above, and you’ll see what I mean. That was drawn on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and it was one of at least three doodles created that night. Thank you, cheap beer. ( hashtag rollingrock ?) I thought it was pretty swell (swill?) and from my point of view the work had less to do with a message and more to do with ‘I wonder how soft I can be with diffuse light sources in a scene built with translucent surfaces?’

That went well but, alas, it appears the subject matter was the institution. Sometimes that’s what SmokeApes is all about, certainly to me; A set of distinct perspectives that differ and converge all at once, making it easier to detect when something special has been conceived.

You don’t even need to pee on it (but it’s okay if you do!).

Thursday it was brought to my attention that this doodle had value, and needed to be put-to-shirt right away. Off I went, with a twinkle in the eye, to the Samsung ATIV to incubate. The original image, but a thumbnail, held all the data required to extrapolate it’s much more detailed counterpart. That -is- how these things start, after all….

Head Start Adult img

Sure, I’m proud! No, I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, but it’s sweet of you to ask. I know you mean only the best, as do I. Happily, this little one’s only struggle was headphones that were too snug, but we went ahead and sorted that. The size of a child’s head is generous, especially one pumped full of groove, and we want to accommodate.

Speaking of accommodating children, I didn’t design this for adult humans (though there are wonderful male/female adult choices available), no no.

You see, what happened was, I was at chillin’ near the summer breeze on the patio of my local Irish pub and my stylus-side said to me ‘Hey! Let’s design stuff for babies. With babies.” So -this- idea was always meant for a onesie.

SmokeApes Onesie


Conception can surprise you. Passion, booze, thinkin’ about babies, one thing leads to another…